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Soft tissue surgery

Removal of neoplasms

Mammary gland surgery (mastectomy, mammectomy, nodulectomy)

Castration of males and females, prostate cysts

Correction of ectropia, entropy, cheiloplasty, anchoring of the gland of the 3rd eyelid

Conservative surgery

Amputation of toes, limbs, jaws after severe trauma or due to cancer

Soft surgery

  • Shortening of the soft palate of brachycephalic breeds, extension of the nasal wings
  • Othematoma, ablation of the ear canal
  • Digestive system procedures (removal of foreign bodies, neoplasms, treating dilatation and torsion of the stomach, removal of part of the intestine due to tissue death)
  • Hernias (umbilical, inguinal, traumatic, diaphragmatic, perineal)
  • Removal of the spleen due to tumor changes
  • Urinary tract procedures (removal of a kidney, transplantation of the ureter, surgery of urinary stones, inflammatory polyps and neoplasms of the bladder)
  • Removal of anal glands, neoplasms of the rectum

Orthopedic surgery

  • Osteosynthesis of bone fractures
  • Treatment of cruciate ligament ruptures with revision of the menisci
  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dislocation
  • Resection of the femoral head in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease

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